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Kaithan Consult provides the best Test Preparation and Placement Consultancy services in Accra, Ghana and the West African Sub-region.

  • Scholarship Facilitation - University scholarships for international students to the US, Canada, Australia, UK among others are available
  • College Placement - We place students in world class colleges and universities globally.
  • Job Placement - Our program has a number of job positions available.


International Education Consultancy based in Accra Ghana: Scholarship Opportunities & Assistantship

Transcript Evaluation

We facilitate two (2) types of evaluations.
1. COURSE-BY-COURSE REPORT - Suitable for education, licensing and certification.
2. DOCUMENT-BY-DOCUMENT REPORT - Suitable for employment & immigration...  Read more...

College Placement & Scholarship

We place students in world class colleges and universities globally.
  • Expert Counselor assistance in program and school selection.
  • High success rate Financial Aid and Scholarship facilitation (Up to 100% tuition and fee waivers).
  • We facilitate complete application processing ...

Exchange Programs

Through the International Exchange Program, you have the opportunity to study overseas and enhance your course with an international perspective, gaining a broader view of the world and of a new perspective of Ghana... Read more...

Educational Tours

We help teachers and students discover Ghana and the world through culturally immersive educational travel. Through experiential learning they gain new perspectives, develop important 21st century skills and become true global citizens... We also provide tailored tour services to institutions, organizations and other corporate outfits ... Read more...
  • Mission Statement Kaithan consult is a vital international education resource dedicated to providing high quality customized test preparation, relevant test materials and realistic recruitment and placement services with sincerity and professionalism. 

  • Vision Statement To become the largest, most preferred world class international education resource which ultimately provides realistic opportunities to meet clients’ specifications and to collectively help build capacities for national development in Ghana and beyond. 

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University Education Abroad

Kaithan Consult provides Test Preparation and Tuition services in the following areas:
GMAT, GRE, LSAT, TOEFL, SAT, IELTS ... among other International Aptitude Tests.
We also have seasoned Lecturers whose teaching styles are client specific, strategic, modern and quick to grasp thus, aiding students to score scholarly in their tests.

Our Core Services Include:

Transcript Evaluation, Scholarship Facilitation, College Placement Abroad, Local and International Educational Tour & Exchange Programs.

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